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Proper Subflooring for Wood on Second Floor | Home Guides ...

Whether you're installing a hardwood floor on the first or second floor of a building, you need a solid subfloor that won't sag and that will hold nails. The two materials that most builders use...

Home Remodeling: Top Flooring Types for 2nd Floor Additions

Laminate Laminate is an excellent choice for second story additions because it is not as noisy as its hardwood counterpart. To enjoy the most peace and quiet from your laminate flooring, install a padded underlay to absorb the noise inside your home.

Reduce Noise on Your Second Floor with These Flooring Options

While hardwood is an all-time favorite, it may not be the best option for your second story to reduce noise. One alternative is laminate flooring. In addition to being less noisy than hardwood, it is also warmer underfoot. With laminate, you can customize it to your style preference.

Recommendations for second floor flooring (hall and bedrooms)

My first floor is all hardwood, the basement is high end laminate, and my second floor is carpeted. It's long past time to redo the second floor. What's the best choice for a master, three other bedrooms, and a hallway? My main floor hardwood has been a pain to maintain, and it doesn't look great in areas that are high traffic.

Upstairs Floor Options For Noise ... - All American Flooring

When it comes to soundproof floors, tiles are the noisiest followed by hardwood floors. Whereas carpets are the best soundproof flooring material. Additionally, you need the floor to be strong enough to support whatever floor that needs to be installed. For example, tiles will need a strong foundation to be installed on a second floor.

The Best Ideas for Upstairs Floors | Home Guides | SF Gate

The Best Ideas for Upstairs Floors. Footsteps overhead in the middle of the night, the bass beat of rock music echoing through the upper walls and ceiling, and sneezing children. All are the ...

The Best Flooring for Resale Value: Wood, Tile, Carpet ...

According to real estate experts, the average ROI for installing hardwood floors is about 70% to 80%, and wood floors can boost the sales price of your home as much as 2.5%.

What Type of Flooring Should I Get? | DIY

Bamboo Flooring Pros: Although not really a wood flooring (bamboo is a grass), bamboo flooring has similar warmth and beauty. It’s a hard flooring but look for the best quality to ensure durability. As a grass, bamboo is a renewable resource and has some green credibility.

The Best Ideas for Upstairs Floors | eHow

Adding 40-pound felt padding to wool or nylon carpet can reduce noise by 50 to 70 percent. The master bedroom is also a good place to install hardwood or hardwood laminate flooring. Underlays address specific creaks and clicks associated with wood flooring while reducing overall noise by 40 percent or more.

Pros and Cons of 5 Popular Bedroom Flooring Materials

Next to carpeting, hardwood flooring is the most popular choice for bedroom flooring. Among real estate professionals, genuine hardwood is usually regarded as one of the best flooring materials. Not only is it beautiful and hard-wearing, but it's also relatively warm and durable. Even better, it's environmentally friendly.

The Right Type of Flooring for Every Room - Consumer Reports

The Challenge These floors don’t face the stress of foot traffic or the constant sunlight that can fade solid and engi­neered wood. Rather, the flooring threats in these rooms come in liquid form.

Condo Renovator's Dilemma: What Type of Flooring to Pick ...

The most popular types of wood flooring include oak, hickory, maple and walnut. Hardwood floors are extremely durable and very easy to clean. In addition, they can be sanded and refinished several times to have a sleek and updated look.

What flooring for the second floor? (vinyl, hardwood, tile ...

Look, plenty of people love wall-to-wall, especially on a second floor in the bedrooms [Carpet & Rug Inst. - more than six out of ten U.S. households prefer wall-to-wall over other flooring] and also in family rooms for children to play on, just like plenty of people like your "hard surface floors."

9 Best Flooring Options for Your Home & How to Choose on a ...

For example, hardwood is consistently popular because of its warm, classic look, but it doesn’t hold up well to moisture or rough treatment. Here’s a look at the pros, cons, and costs of several popular types of flooring, as well as some ideas about which are the best flooring options for specific areas. 1. Hardwood

12 Outdoor Flooring Options for Style and Comfort ...

People be like “GIVE ME THAT HARDWOOD” and then forget about that little thing called curb appeal. In fact, most people don’t know what their options are, which makes it hard to make an informed decision on the best outdoor flooring for you. There’s plenty of options out there, but we’re just going to share our very favorites.

Leveling a Floor: 8 Top Tips to Keep in Mind - Bob Vila

When inflexible flooring is installed over a substrate that dips or heaves, various things can go wrong. Laminate planks can pull apart, and gaps can appear between hardwood planks .

The Best Flooring for Condos | East Coast Flooring & Interiors

New condos need quiet flooring and older condos need the update sooner rather than later. Quiet Flooring for Condos. When it comes to quiet flooring for condos, here are our top condo flooring ideas: Laminate. Laminate can emulate the look of hardwood beautifully. It lacks the same exact feel, so you won’t mistake it for genuine hardwood ...

Best and worst flooring types for the Florida climate ...

Worst: Solid hardwood flooring. If you are living in Florida, you must know that solid hardwood flooring is the worst option among all. There are almost ¾ types of solid planks are best suited for colder climates and have difficulty in adjustment according to the tropical climate.

Find the Best Underlayment for Each Type of Flooring

It includes domestic solid hardwood flooring such as oak, maple, hickory and ash, and exotic varieties like Brazilian cherrywood, koa, teak or sakura. Engineered flooring with a layer of solid hardwood on top and layers of composite material beneath is included.

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