How to Create Unshakable Guitar Habits

September 1, 2023 by Klaus Crow

How to Create Unshakable Guitar Habits

Guitar habits, we want them, we need them, and we have to give them a place into our daily lives in order to reap the rewards of our efforts, to discover the boundless possibilities on the guitar neck, to learn the endless shapes and sounds and fulfil our vocation to the musicians life.

Guitar habits give you purpose, structure, growth and fulfilment. Its the habit that changes your life instantly, Its all about the process. You have to learn to enjoy not just the beauty and victory of your practice efforts, but also the struggle of the challenge you face. You have to enjoy the practice itself. Cultivate pleasantness in finding your way to make the guitar sound the way you want it. Be mindful, calm and focused on tiny improvements. It’s all about the tiny improvements that add up and move you towards an accomplished guitar player.

The Guitar habit sticks when not the goal but the proces has become your greatest friend. When you find a way to enjoy the process to the fullest, and learn to love and appreciate every aspect that comes your way you have created a friend for life. A beautiful, deeply embedded, musical and rewarding friend. The guitar habit.

Yes, i hear you, there is another essential ingredient you need to make the guitar habit stick. Time. If that is one of your main struggles be sure to check out: Where do i find time to practice.

To make the habit even more solid commit yourself to practice everyday for two months. This is the time on average for a new habit to become automatic. After this time you won’t have to think about practicing anymore, it will be embedded in the programming of your subconscious mind. You’re in the flow of the habit.

Another way to motivate or discipline yourself to practice daily even when you don’t feel like it is to use a wall calendar. Hang it on to the bathroom wall or some place where you can’t miss it. And every day you practice you put an ”x” on that day on the calendar. After a couple of day you will have a chain of “x’s” that you dont want to break. You want your chain of “x’s” to remain intact.

This will keep you practicing every single day. The longer the chain becomes the more commited you will become. The easier it gets, the more enjoyable the practice will be. The positive consequences all add up.

Now the habit is created we can focus on what to practice. I’ve found that a routine of practicing differents aspects of the guitar brings you the most joy, improvement and fulfilment.

Here are a few aspects you can work on:

Set a certain amount of time for each section to work on. Set your timer so you don’t mess around and focus fully on your practice. Prepare your sheet music, and sheets for chords, progressions, scales, etc in advance. Print them, and don’t look ‘m up on your computer, iPad or iPhone.

This will only distract you, and will definitely make you look for other things online. Don’t do it and do your research upfront. Use papers, and turn off your devices while practicing. Also prepare your practice space, Put your guitar clearly in sight, it has to be present, undeniable and totally stand out.

Make sure you got a fresh pair of strings on your guitar, that triggers you to play (your mind instantly remembers how nice the strings feel and sound). Have capo’s, picks and other accessories within reach and don’t forget to have coffee or tea to create a nice atmosphere that is inviting you to play.

Make practicing pleasant and compelling in every possible way. It’s the ticket for a life long precious guitar habit.

Go get ‘m!

I mean now.

Yes, right now.

Prepare to play!

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