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Anti-Slip Floor Treatment for Slippery Floors and Baths ...

We offer two options for anti-slip floor treatment. There’s a treatment WE apply (below), and DIY anti-slip floor treatment chemicals YOUR cleaning crew would apply. Non-Slip 21 (below) is an anti-slip floor treatment that we would apply to your slippery flooring and then provide certified testing afterwards for your records.

Anti Slip Floor Treatment, No Skidding®, non slip floor ...

Anti-Slip Floor Treatments Anti-Slip Floor Treatment options by No Skidding® are water based, low odor easy-to-use, economical and proven anti-slip treatments that address the problem caused by slippery-when-wet hard tile floors, unsealed concrete and enamel or porcelain bathtubs.

Amazon.com: Non Slip Coating - Floor Grip by SlipDoctors ...

URETHANE ANTI SLIP COATING: Floor Grip by SlipDoctors is the perfect solution for slippery floors. Our exclusive roll-on anti-slip paint is a clear, water-based urethane sealer that creates a non slip coating to protect against slips and falls. Includes Floor Grip gallon, Crosslinker, 3/8” nap roller and SlipDoctors’ exclusive Additive.

End Slips | Non-Slip Agents • Coatings • Disinfection

Non-Slip Agents • Coatings • Disinfection A Walkway Surface Treated With Our Product Is Actually Safer In A wet Condition Than A Dry, Untreated Surface! Our Coating Services Protects Floors, Walls, Roofs, Foundations, Specilities, Etc. Our Disinfectant Destroys 200+ Bacteria And Viral Pathogens With The Fastest Kill-Rate In Existence (99.9%)

Surface GripTreat Anti-Slip Floor Safety Treatment

Surface GripTreat is a water-based anti-slip solution specifically developed to treat the surface of ceramic and porcelain tile, concrete and other hard mineral surfaces. It contains inorganic surface activators and polymers that react to form a transparent, anti-slip micro-structure, that does not change the appearance of the treated surface.

Industrial Anti-Slip Floor Treatment

Easy-to-use, economical and proven anti slip treatment that addresses the problem caused by slippery-when-wet tile floors and enamel or porcelain bathtubs. It creates an "Invisible Tread" on tile floors and enamel or porcelain bathtubs that significantly increases the co-efficient of friction and reduces the problem of slippery-when-wet surfaces.

Safe Floor Solutions, LLC - Anti-Slip Treatment For Vinyl ...

We provide anti-slip,non-slip treatments to floors and tubs.

Non Slip Flooring For Seniors - Senior Safety Advice

Anti Slip Flooring. The company AKW in England produces a slip resistant vinyl flooring product that is available for residential use. According to their website, the product is a “PVC floor covering with glass fire reinforced polyester cellulose backing which allows it to be used with under floor heating.” ...

No Skidding® Porcelain Anti-Slip Treatment, 80378 - No ...

No Skidding® Porcelain Anti-Slip Treatment, 80378 Clear Anti-Slip Protection for porcelain tile and delicate surfaces Easy-to-use, economical and proven anti-slip treatment that addresses the problem caused by slippery-when-wet porcelain tile floors.

Anti Slip Floor Coatings and Treatments to Protect Any Floor

Non slip coatings act similarto that of a Varnish or Paint. The anti slip coating forms on top of the surface and once cured creates a durable non-slip layer on a once slippery floor.

Anti Slip Treatment for Concrete Floors - Clear & Water based

An easy-to-use, economical and proven anti slip treatment that was formulated specifically to address the problem caused by slippery-when-wet unsealed concrete floors. It creates an "Invisible Tread" on concrete floors that significantly increases the co-efficient of friction and reduces the problem of dangerous when wet surfaces.

Nano Anti Slip Floor Treatment - Anti Slip Flooring ...

We proudly present our nano anti slip flooring solution. Our anti slip solution can prevent you from slipping and falling on wet soapy floor tiles. After treatment, the slip resistant increases GREATLY and the flooring is no longer slippery. Therefore, our Anti Slip coating is beneficial for all premises for safety purpose.

Anti-Slip Floor Treatment Services - Slip Solutions of Houston

Treating walkways with our anti-slip products will help prevent slip and fall accidents. Whether its our micro-etching solution or one of our coatings, there is a solution for your floor. We can also provide testing and certification with our ASM 825A or BOT3000E.

Anti Skid Treatment For Laminate Floors - Walesfootprint ...

Non slip vinyl plank flooring bona traffic anti slip 46 granite stairs floor anti slip wood grain interlocking pvc flooring anti slip flooring options in st louis blue color uv treatment antiskid sports. Dog Slipping Floor Treatment Solution Slipdoctors GripSlippery Floor Tough On Your Older Dog Try This SmartBona Traffic Anti SlipNon Slip Flooring Safety […]

Anti-slip floor treatment - how & when this can help to ...

An anti-slip floor treatment is a proven, cost-effective way of making existing floors safer if it is shown that the inherent floor surface itself is slippery when wet. We conduct 10,000s of m2 of anti-slip floor treatment each year.

Non Slip Floor Treatment Services - Safety Direct Group

Non-Slip 21 is a professionally applied and monitored anti-slip treatment for floors in commercial, institutional and industrial properties to minimise risk of slips and falls. It is a unique aqueous based polymer developed by Safety Direct Group.

Anti-Slip Solution - Rockstar Sealing

Rockstar ANTI-SLIP is a treatment that increases the coefficient of friction of wet floor surfaces. The treatment is not a coating and will not change the appearance of the surface.

Non-Slip 21 Anti-Slip Floor Treatment | Safety Direct America

On behalf of the Ottawa city government, the Science Faculty tested anti-slip floor treatments from 31 vendors. The scientists tested marble, terrazzo, glazed and unglazed tiles, concrete and terracotta. They concluded that Non-Slip 21 was “the only [non-skid floor treatment product] that did not have any detrimental effects on surfaces tested.

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